Discover What Elephants Eat in Conan Exiles: Game Insights

Conan Exiles is a popular game that features massive elephants that can be tamed and used for various purposes. These majestic creatures are known for their powerful attacks, knockdowns, charges, and stomps, making them a force to be reckoned with in the game. But what do elephants eat in Conan Exiles? In this section, we will delve into the game and explore the elephant diet, shedding light on their food preferences and how it impacts gameplay.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elephants in Conan Exiles are primarily used as cargo animals due to their impressive inventory space of 30 slots, which is the largest in the game. They are ideal for hauling treasures and transporting troops.
  • Elephant calves can be found in the savannah biome in lower G8 and can be turned into grey elephants or mammoths using bark or shadespiced bark. Mammoths have a higher health pool and are the desired version for raising elephants.
  • Before venturing into the savannah to find elephant calves, it is recommended to be at least level 30 and have iron gear for better survival and combat capabilities.
  • Feeding elephant calves the right food, such as plant fiber or desert berries, will increase their vitality, making them more durable in battles.
  • While elephants can be used in combat, their attack power is relatively low compared to more combat-oriented pets. However, mammoths have three powerful knockdown moves and can hold their own in a fight.

Understanding Elephant Feeding Habits in the Game

Elephants in Conan Exiles have specific feeding habits that players need to be aware of in order to keep them nourished. These majestic creatures require a diverse and balanced diet to maintain their health and vitality. Understanding their nutritional needs is key to ensuring they stay strong and ready for battle.

“Elephants have a unique ability to consume a wide range of plant-based foods,” says wildlife expert Dr. Jane Wilder. “Their diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables, and foliage found in their natural habitat.”

To provide optimal nutrition for your elephants, you can feed them a variety of foods, including plant fiber, desert berries, and savannah berries. These food options not only keep them satisfied but also enhance their vitality, making them more durable in combat.

Elephant Food Options Vitality Enhancement
Plant Fiber Increases health regeneration
Desert Berries Boosts resistance to heat
Savannah Berries Improves stamina for longer sprints

When it comes to feeding your elephants, it’s important to provide a balanced diet. Keep in mind that overfeeding them can lead to obesity, while underfeeding can make them weak and susceptible to attacks. By monitoring their food intake and ensuring they have access to a variety of nutrient-rich options, you can help your elephants thrive in the harsh world of Conan Exiles.

Obtaining and Raising Elephant Calves

If you want an elephant companion in Conan Exiles, you’ll need to start by finding and raising an elephant calf. These adorable creatures can be found in the savannah biome, specifically in lower G8. Once you’ve located an elephant calf, it’s time to bring it home and begin the exciting journey of raising it as your own.

To successfully raise an elephant calf, you’ll need to provide it with the right food. In Conan Exiles, elephant calves can be raised in an animal pen. Feeding them specific foods will increase their vitality and make them more durable. Plant fiber and desert berries are excellent choices to keep your elephant calf healthy and happy.

Recommended Elephant Foods
Plant Fiber
Desert Berries

As your elephant calf grows, you’ll notice it evolving into a grey elephant. However, if you want to unlock the full potential and power of an elephant, you can transform it into a mighty mammoth. To do this, you’ll need to use bark or shadespiced bark, which can be gathered through specific methods in the game.

It’s important to note that mammoths have a higher health pool compared to grey elephants, making them the desired version for raising elephants. So, if you’re looking for a companion with exceptional strength and durability, investing in raising a mammoth is the way to go.

Recommended Level and Gear for Elephant Adventure

Before embarking on a quest to find elephant calves in Conan Exiles, it is advisable to reach a certain level and equip oneself with appropriate gear. Level 30 is recommended as the minimum level to ensure you have the necessary skills and abilities to handle the challenges that may arise. Having iron gear provides a significant boost to your survivability and combat effectiveness, making the journey safer and more manageable.

As you venture into the savannah biome in search of elephant calves, you’ll encounter various dangers, including aggressive creatures and hostile players. By being well-prepared, you increase your chances of success and minimize the risk of failure. Iron gear offers superior protection compared to lower-tier armor, reducing incoming damage and improving your overall resilience.

To fully explore the savannah and locate elephant calves, you’ll need to be properly equipped. Consider acquiring a weapon that deals high damage, such as a steel sword or axe, to efficiently dispatch any threats that come your way. Additionally, carry a shield to block incoming attacks and provide extra defense.

Recommended Level Recommended Gear
Level 30 Iron Armor Set (Helmet, Chestpiece, Gauntlets, Leggings, Boots)
Steel Sword or Axe

By reaching level 30 and equipping yourself with iron gear, you’ll be adequately prepared to face the challenges of finding elephant calves in Conan Exiles. Remember, it’s always better to be over-prepared than underprepared when it comes to dangerous adventures. Safeguard yourself with powerful gear and venture forth to tame these magnificent creatures!

Elephant Food Options for Optimal Vitality

Feeding elephants the right food is crucial to increase their vitality and ensure they remain in optimal condition. In Conan Exiles, players have a variety of food options to choose from when it comes to nourishing their majestic elephants. Each food item provides different benefits and contributes to the elephant’s overall health and durability on the battlefield.

Let’s take a look at some specific foods that can enhance an elephant’s vitality:

  • Plant Fiber: This abundant resource is easily gathered from various bushes and vegetation. Feeding elephants plant fiber helps to maintain their stamina and endurance during long journeys.
  • Desert Berries: Found in the arid regions of Conan Exiles, desert berries provide a burst of energy to elephants, boosting their strength and resilience. It’s advisable to stock up on these nutritious berries before embarking on any challenging quests.
  • Highland Berries: These berries offer similar benefits to desert berries, but are found in the highland region of the game. Including highland berries in an elephant’s diet ensures they have a well-rounded nutritional intake, promoting overall vitality.
  • Glowing Goop: While not a natural food source for elephants, glowing goop can be harvested from certain creatures in the game. This unique substance has powerful regenerative properties and can rapidly restore an injured or fatigued elephant’s health.

By regularly providing elephants with these specific foods, players can maximize their vitality and ensure they have a formidable companion by their side. Remember to vary the diet to cover a wide range of nutritional needs and keep the elephants at their peak performance. Keep in mind that feeding elephants the wrong food items can have negative effects, so it’s essential to experiment and find the optimal combination for each player’s strategies and gameplay style.

Food Benefits
Plant Fiber Stamina and endurance boost
Desert Berries Strength and resilience enhancement
Highland Berries Overall vitality improvement
Glowing Goop Rapid healing and regeneration

Elephants as Cargo Animals and Their Inventory Space

Elephants in Conan Exiles are not only formidable creatures but also serve as valuable cargo animals due to their exceptional carrying capacity. With an inventory space of 30 slots, which is the largest in the game, elephants are the go-to choice for players looking to transport large quantities of resources or valuable treasures. Whether you’re embarking on a cargo haul or need a reliable mode of troop transport, elephants are the ideal companions.

Having such a generous inventory space allows elephants to carry an extensive range of items, from building materials and consumables to weapons and armor. This makes them indispensable for players who enjoy collecting resources or need to transport their loot safely back to their base. With an elephant by your side, you can rest assured that you won’t have to make multiple trips or leave anything valuable behind.

To further enhance the convenience of using elephants as cargo animals, their inventory space is neatly organized. The well-structured layout ensures easy access and efficient management of your items. You can quickly locate and retrieve specific resources or gear when needed, saving you valuable time and effort during gameplay. With elephants as your cargo companions, you can focus on exploring, battling, and conquering the vast world of Conan Exiles.

Elephant Inventory Space Comparison

Pet Inventory Space (Slots)
Elephant 30
Rhino 20
Camel 10

As you can see from the table above, elephants reign supreme when it comes to inventory space. Compared to other cargo animals like rhinos and camels, elephants offer an unparalleled advantage in terms of carrying capacity. Their 30-slot inventory allows you to transport twice as many items as a rhino and three times as many as a camel. This makes elephants the top choice for players who require efficient and reliable cargo transportation in their Conan Exiles adventures.

Elephant Combat Abilities and Utility

While elephants may not have the highest attack power in Conan Exiles, they possess useful knockdown moves and can hold their own in combat. These massive creatures can unleash devastating blows with their trunks and tusks, capable of staggering opponents and creating openings for follow-up attacks. Their stomping ability can deal area-of-effect damage, making them particularly effective against groups of enemies.

One of the notable advantages of elephants is their ability to knock down opponents. With three unique knockdown moves, they can quickly disable foes, granting an upper hand in battle. This ability is invaluable when facing multiple enemies or when dealing with larger, more formidable opponents. Additionally, elephants can withstand a significant amount of damage, thanks to their high health pool and durability.

Elephant Combat Abilities Description
Trunk Attack The elephant swings its trunk, delivering a powerful strike that can stun and stagger enemies.
Tusk Swipe A sweeping motion with their tusks that can knock opponents off balance, leaving them vulnerable to further attacks.
Stomp The elephant stomps the ground, creating shockwaves that damage and knock down enemies in a small area around them.

Aside from their combat abilities, elephants are highly versatile in their utility. Their large inventory space of 30 slots makes them invaluable as cargo animals. Players can use elephants to transport heavy loads of resources, making them ideal for long expeditions or treasure hunting. Whether it’s hauling valuable loot or carrying supplies for an extended adventure, elephants are reliable companions that can lighten the load and provide additional storage.

So, while elephants may not be the first choice for players seeking high attack power, their knockdown moves and utility in cargo transportation make them valuable assets in the world of Conan Exiles. These majestic creatures offer unique tactical advantages and open up new possibilities for players who embrace their strength and resilience.

Elephant Calves to Grey Elephants or Mammoths

With the right materials and techniques, players can evolve their elephant calves into either grey elephants or mammoths in Conan Exiles. These magnificent creatures offer unique advantages and can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Let’s explore the process of transforming elephant calves and discover the benefits of raising grey elephants or mammoths.

To begin the transformation, players will need to gather specific items: bark and shadespiced bark. Bark can be obtained by harvesting trees in the game, while shadespiced bark is a rare resource found in certain areas. These ingredients are vital for evolving your elephant calves into more formidable companions.

Once you have gathered the necessary materials, players can use an animal pen to raise their elephant calves. By feeding them bark or shadespiced bark, you can initiate the evolution process. Each feeding will progress the transformation, and after a few feedings, your elephant calf will grow into a magnificent grey elephant.

If you desire an even more powerful and resilient companion, you can continue the evolution process to transform your grey elephant into a mammoth. Feeding your grey elephant additional shadespiced bark will trigger the final transformation. Mammoths have a higher health pool and possess three unique knockdown moves, making them formidable allies in combat.

Elephant Evolution Process Required Materials
Elephant Calf to Grey Elephant Bark
Grey Elephant to Mammoth Shadespiced Bark

By following these steps, players can unleash the true potential of their elephants in Conan Exiles. Whether you choose to raise a grey elephant or a mighty mammoth, you will have a loyal companion with unique abilities to aid you in your adventures. So gather the necessary materials, start the evolution process, and watch as your elephant calf grows into a towering force to be reckoned with.

Gathering Bark and Shadespiced Bark for Elephant Evolution

Bark and shadespiced bark are vital resources required for evolving elephant calves into more advanced versions in Conan Exiles. These materials can be found in the game world and are essential for players who want to raise powerful and formidable elephants. Let’s take a closer look at how to gather these resources and evolve your elephant companions.

To begin your quest for bark, head to the dense forests of Conan Exiles. Trees in these areas are abundant sources of bark, and you can harvest it using a pickaxe or a hatchet. As you strike the trees, the bark will drop as a resource that you can collect. Make sure to stockpile enough bark to fuel your elephant evolution journey.

Once you have gathered enough bark, it’s time to obtain shadespiced bark. This special type of bark can be crafted using bark and shadespiced powder, which is created by mixing ground cinnamon, dried berries, and alchemical base. The shadespiced powder is then combined with regular bark to produce shadespiced bark. This valuable resource is used to transform elephant calves into grey elephants or mammoths.

Bark Shadespiced Powder
10 1

“Gathering bark and shadespiced bark is a crucial step in evolving your elephant companions. Make sure to explore the forests for regular bark and experiment with alchemy to create shadespiced powder. With these resources in hand, you’ll be on your way to unlocking the true power of elephants in Conan Exiles.”

In conclusion, bark and shadespiced bark are essential resources that play a significant role in evolving elephant calves into advanced versions in Conan Exiles. By gathering regular bark and crafting shadespiced bark using shadespiced powder, players can unleash the full potential of their elephant companions. So venture into the forests, harvest bark, and experiment with alchemy to obtain shadespiced powder. With dedication and resourcefulness, you’ll be able to raise formidable elephants that will aid you in your adventures throughout the game.

Tips for Finding Elephant Calves in the Savannah Biome

Locating elephant calves in the savannah biome of Conan Exiles can be challenging, but with the right tips, players can increase their chances of success. These majestic creatures can be found in the lower G8 area of the savannah, and here are some strategies to help you in your search:

  1. Patience is key. Elephants tend to roam around a lot, so take your time and explore the savannah biome thoroughly. Keep an eye out for any signs of their presence, such as trampled grass or broken trees.
  2. Listen for their trumpeting calls. Elephant calves often communicate with their herd through loud trumpeting sounds. By following the sound, you might be able to locate a group of elephants and potentially find a calf among them.
  3. Use a spyglass. This handy tool can be crafted in Conan Exiles and allows you to scout the area from a distance. Use it to scan the savannah for any signs of elephant activity, such as dust clouds or movement in the grass.

Once you have located an elephant calf, approach it cautiously. They may be accompanied by protective adults, so be prepared for a potential fight. It is advisable to clear the area of any aggressive creatures before attempting to tame the calf.

Remember to equip yourself with the necessary gear and supplies before embarking on your hunt. Being at least level 30 and having iron gear will give you a better chance of survival in the savannah biome. Additionally, consider bringing a thrall or fellow players to provide backup in case of any unexpected encounters.

With these tips in mind, venture into the savannah biome of Conan Exiles and embark on an exciting journey to find and tame elephant calves. These majestic creatures can become valuable companions, aiding you in your adventures throughout the game.

Tips for Finding Elephant Calves Savannah Biome Location
Be patient and thorough in your search Lower G8 area
Listen for trumpeting calls Lower G8 area
Use a spyglass to scout the area Lower G8 area

Enhancing Survival Tactics with Elephants

Elephants in Conan Exiles can be invaluable companions, aiding players in their survival and enhancing their overall gameplay experience. These majestic creatures possess impressive combat abilities, making them ideal for defending against enemies and conquering challenging quests. As you embark on your adventures, consider the following survival tactics to maximize your elephant’s potential:

1. Utilize their large inventory space:

Elephants are renowned for their enormous inventory space of 30 slots, the largest in the game. Take advantage of this capacity by utilizing them as cargo animals for your treasure-hunting escapades. With their incredible strength and hauling capabilities, they can lighten your load and transport valuable resources, freeing up your own inventory space for other essentials.

2. Master their knockdown moves:

While elephants may not have the highest attack power compared to other combat-oriented pets, they compensate with their unique knockdown moves. Mammoths, in particular, boast three devastating knockdown abilities that can incapacitate your foes and turn the tide of battle in your favor. Learn to time these moves strategically, and you’ll find yourself dominating the battlefield.

3. Raise a mammoth for increased health:

When raising elephants, it is desirable to transform your elephant calf into a mammoth. Mammoths have a higher health pool, making them more resilient and durable during fights. By providing them with the necessary bark or shadespiced bark, you can evolve your elephant calf into a formidable mammoth companion, ready to withstand even the fiercest of enemies.

By employing these survival tactics, you can harness the full potential of elephants in Conan Exiles. Whether you’re seeking a reliable cargo carrier, a formidable combatant, or a resilient companion, elephants will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay experience. So, venture forth and forge a bond with these majestic creatures, as they will become loyal allies in your journey through the savage lands of Conan Exiles.

Unleash the Power of Elephants in Conan Exiles

By uncovering what elephants eat in Conan Exiles, players can harness the full potential of these majestic creatures and utilize them effectively in their adventures. Elephants in this game are not only massive and powerful but also incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking for a reliable cargo animal or a companion in combat, elephants offer numerous advantages that can enhance your gameplay.

One of the key factors to consider when raising and using elephants is their diet. Feeding them the right foods is crucial for their well-being and vitality. In Conan Exiles, elephant calves can be found in the savannah biome, particularly in the lower G8 area. Once obtained, they can be raised in an animal pen by feeding them specific foods such as plant fiber and desert berries. These foods enhance their vitality, making them more durable and capable of withstanding the challenges of the game.

As cargo animals, elephants are unmatched. With an impressive inventory space of 30 slots, which is the largest in the game, they are ideal for transporting goods and treasures. Their size and strength allow them to carry a substantial amount of cargo, making them a valuable asset for players who enjoy collecting rare items or embarking on lucrative trading ventures.

When it comes to combat, elephants may not have the highest attack power compared to other combat-oriented pets. However, their unique abilities, such as powerful charges, knockdown moves, and stomps, make them formidable opponents. Players can utilize these abilities strategically to gain an advantage in battles and overcome challenging enemies. If you’re looking for a pet with impressive crowd control capabilities, elephants, especially mammoths, are an excellent choice.

In conclusion, understanding what elephants eat in Conan Exiles and how it affects their performance is essential for maximizing their potential. From utilizing them as cargo animals to unleashing their combat abilities, elephants can greatly enhance your adventures in the game. So, gather the right food, raise and train your elephants, and embark on a journey filled with excitement and triumph.


Q: What are elephants used for in Conan Exiles?

A: Elephants are primarily used as cargo animals due to their large inventory space of 30 slots, which is the largest in the game. They are useful for cargo hauls and troop transport, making them convenient for players who like to collect treasures.

Q: How do I obtain elephant calves in Conan Exiles?

A: Elephant calves can be found in the savannah biome in lower G8. They can be turned into grey elephants or mammoths with the use of bark or shadespiced bark.

Q: What level and gear do I need to find elephant calves in Conan Exiles?

A: It is recommended to be at least level 30 and have iron gear before venturing into the savannah to find elephant calves.

Q: How do I raise elephant calves in Conan Exiles?

A: Elephant calves can be raised in an animal pen by feeding them specific foods such as plant fiber or desert berries. Feeding them the right food will increase their vitality, making them more durable.

Q: Can elephants be used in combat?

A: Elephants can be used in combat, but their attack power is low compared to more combat-oriented pets. However, mammoths have three knockdown moves and can hold their own in a fight.

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